How to get a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa

Express Entry Program

It is a point-based online immigration Program.
Suitable for skilled workers.

Provincial Nomination Program

PNPs are an immigration program for Canadian provinces. You can work and settle in specific Canadian provinces.

Self Employed Program

Suitable for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Startups applying for Startup Visa programs.

Family class Immigration

For Canadian Permanent Resident to Sponsor for their family members.

What People are asking

Here are the most comon questions from people to know about immigration and invent visas how it handles.

What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa

The Canadian PR visa is a multiple entry visa that offers skilled foreign workers an excellent opportunity to work and live in Canada. After 3 years of stay and work on the PR card, you can change your Canadian PR status to Canadian citizenship!

What are the benefits I get for Permanent Visa
  • A 5 year’s multiple-entry visa.
  • A “family status” under which both applicants(spouse) can work full time.
  • Free education for children, health, and social provisions for the entire family.
  • Opportunity to invite parents, post-settlement.
  • Access to the USA.
Am I eligible for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Immigration Department follows certain evaluation criteria based on personal factors click on am I eligible button, fill the assessment form to know your score and eligibility.